Squirrel Removal Scarborough

squirrel removal ScarboroughWe have been phoned a lot from our customers in Scarborough by having squirrels running in the attic, squirrels scratching inside of  walls, squirrels in the chimneys, squirrels in basements, squirrels in soffits, or even baby squirrels running through customers’ home. We removal squirrels and relocate squirrels from residential and commercial properties on a daily basis. Squirrel removal and squirrel damage repair is our specialty.

Squirrels are cute and very entertaining. But they can also cause quite a bit of damage to your home and business property, especially once they have gotten into the attic. They are really good at chewing, so called notorious chewers and chew everything to help keep their teeth not outgrowing their mouths. They chew the insulation off of A/C lines, the wood framing, your belongings that are stored even in boxes in your attic. In some cases they might cause a short circuit and even creating a serious fire hazard. For squirrels, They breed two times per year consisting of anywhere from 2-5 young typically, once in the Spring and another late Summer/early Fall. Squirrels populations can grow rapidly and once they have entered an attic they can be quite tricky to remove, especially if there are young present. For this reason if you are currently hearing noises in your attic it is important to give us a call and let us help remove your squirrels and seal up your home before they have babies. Once they have been removed we will seal the entry point where they get in to ensure you do not have this problem again in the future. This is exactly what we do!

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